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Because almost 80% of black children in the urban centers of America are being raised in single female head of household homes, we have challenged the failed policies of the past by using an innovative training, support, and empowerment program known as “The Man Class”, which helps males become responsible reengaged men in addition to motivated dependable employees.

ReEngage, Inc. was designed to treat the individual and the family in a holistic way. We should begin to take a holistic approach to the problems of fatherless children, crime, drugs and alcohol, school dropout, teen pregnancy and poverty. These problems are not isolated but instead are merely symptoms of the larger problem of the disintegration of the family. If we want to improve the lives of children we should improve the lives of their parents.

ReEngage, Inc. offers our participants the training and the tools to lay the foundation for success and the reintegration back into family, society, and the Church. We provide our participants with training and support for spiritual, psychological, and emotional healing.

Our program is founded on the 8 spiritual principles of the SUPERMAN concept. We stress mentoring, volunteerism, and community involvement for our participants. We want to facilitate our participants return to their leadership roles in their communities. Our training includes problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of appearance.

Our goal is not to overcome the barriers of our participants but to empower them to develop plans and strategies to overcome the barriers they face which are preventing them from reaching their goals. Our model is to walk alongside our men as they work towards self-sufficiency by providing problem solving techniques, improving decision making skills, and learning to overcome obstacles.

However, no matter how much we focus on the behavioral and attitudinal changes of our participants at the end of the day they need opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. We are collaborating with businesses to ensure that those opportunities are available and positioning our organization to facilitate those relationships as an employment liaison between participants and businesses. Our goal is to create a social enterprise that will be able to provide some of our participants with employment. We believe that the key to transforming males into men must include employment that provides a living wage to our participants.

Unfortunately, too many in our community have participated in their own poverty and difficult life circumstances through poor decision making, apathy and hopelessness. If we are to break the cycle of poverty and urban decay we must empower the men and women of these communities to become the men and women they were created to be, so they can rebuild their families and in turn their communities.


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