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ReEngage, Inc. is not connected to any state or governing body and we are not responsible for the child support payments of any of our participating fathers. We will not refuse service based on anyone’s standing concerning child support. However, with that said we also believe that it is a father’s responsibility to be financially responsible for his children. One of the largest causes of poverty among children of single mothers is the lack of financial support from the fathers of these children. While in some cases fathers are unable to provide much in the way of financial support it is still every man’s responsibility to do what is necessary to provide for their children. False pride must never prevent a father from doing whatever work is available to insure that his children are provided for. Far too many men in our community see providing financial support to their children as being optional and believe that they are doing the mothers and their children a favor by doing so. Providing financial support for your children is not optional!

We must be perfectly clear about this, it is not just the mother’s responsibility to support these children.

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