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Image of Kentucky and Baltimore riots

“Two wrongs don’t make a right so don’t deceive yourself by pointing to others’ faults to forgive your poor behavior.” – Orrin Woodward

One of the most troubling aspects of the protest movements that have taken place and continue to take place around the country is this idea of moral equivalency. It has played out in the protest movement through this idea that the wrongs of others somehow excuse or justify the wrongs they are committing. Not only is this coming from the protestors and activist but also the so-called “men of God” or clergy. This is very disturbing because it sets a bad precedence and also because it is not biblical. So the very men who are supposed to be living and proclaiming the Word of God are teaching non-biblical principles to those they are supposed to be leading. I can imagine seeing Jesus on judgment day and saying, “Lord, yes I stole, but I didn’t steal as much as those guys on Wall Street, so my sin doesn’t matter.”

You see it is this moral equivalency that has crept into the modern church which has caused people to leave in droves. Rather than transforming the world the church has allowed itself to be conformed to the world. Because the church does not want to offend anyone the word sin has been removed from the vernacular, but in removing it they have no trouble offending God. “for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” – John 12:43 It is not surprising since the modern church in general and the black church specifically has sold its soul to liberal politicians who have promised them freedom, but have given them only bondage. The government has replaced God. You see as a Christian there are certain principles I have that are non-negotiable. But as a politician you have to please everyone so you are not bound by any such restraints. As a result of this the black church has had to accept all family structure is good, a single woman who wants kids, two women, two men, a man and his sheep, etc.

It is these liberal policies that have created the backdrop for much of what is ailing the black community. For example Baltimore is in the news due to a young black man dying in police custody which sparked protests which turned into rioting and looting. I heard an activist leader say the riots were a result of no one listening to the young people they had no voice. Ok well let’s look at who has not been listening to them.

  • There has been Democrats running the city since 1947. They have had Democratic control for 64 of the last 68 years, and sole control for the last 48 years straight.
  • Their mayor is black. Their previous mayor, Sheila Dixon, was black. She was convicted of embezzlement in 2010 and couldn’t finish her term. They had a white mayor (current Democratic Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley) for eight years. The mayor before him was black.
  • Their City Council consists of 15 members. All fifteen are Democrats. The Council President is black. Democrats have had control of legislation in Baltimore for the last 50 years. Every program, policy, initiative, or school curriculum that exists in Baltimore was enacted by liberal Democrats.
  • The Police Commissioner is black. Approximately 50% of the police force is black.

So my question is who has not been listening to them, the folks they elected and keep electing?

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