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The mission of ReEngage, Inc. is to transform males into men through training, empowerment, and support to restore our communities and to break the cycle of absentee fathers.

Since becoming interested and involved in responsible fatherhood, children from fatherless homes, and healthy families I have compiled and read a great deal of research on these subjects. It took a lot of effort to pull all of the data and research together from various places. For those who are interested I have provided some of the voluminous research I have located. I have separated them into 6 categories. If you find this research helpful and informative please consider donating to our cause and help support families and children.

  • Fathers
  • Crime
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Marriage
  • Welfare System







While there has been no shortage of research on these subjects I have only provided a few studies on this website. I would encourage everyone to continue searching for as much information as you can find to get a full understanding of the enormous challenges that we face.

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