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Over the last 4 months there have been five children shot and of which four who have died from drive-by shootings in the Kansas City metro. The cowardice of these violent acts goes without question, but what remains a mystery is where are the voices of the community that protested and condemned the shooting of Michael Brown? There has been no coalition set-up to protest the deaths these precious little ones, In fact there has only been silence from those voices and I think I know why.

You see in the world of the blame game you need an external “boogie man” to fault. Racist cops, institutionalized racism, or The Man. But we know there is no external boogie man to blame these killings on, no just an internal culture of violence. A culture that allows babies to be sacrificed for the sins of the parents/adults that surround them, a culture that makes babies expendable or collateral damage in this cycle of violence that has claimed too many lives. This is a culture that believes more in the penitentiary mentality of no-snitch than in the sanctity of the lives of its babies. You see when there is no outside person to blame these voices have been and will continue to be silent. These are the voices that have told us that the violence in the black community and there protests are unrelated, but to a dead child I wonder if they can understand the differences? If black lives matter shouldn’t the lives of babies matter more than a common criminal?

I’m sorry folks but all credibility is lost in these conversations when one killing is favored over another and claim that black lives matter. I guess they matter so long as someone else is killing them, unfortunately the majority are being killed internally, no conspiracy, no external genocide. Just good ole fashion self-annihilation. It appears that we have lost the ability to love and protect our children. Protection of one’s children is the first duty of the men of a community and the fact that so many of our children are being senselessly murdered should shame all of us. Where are the men of our community? It is one thing to abandon a child that you have fathered; it is another thing entirely to sit idly by while our babies are being preyed upon. Again, my question is why would you expect other people to love your children more than you do?

Our mission at ReEngage could not be more vital and timely. We are watching our communities implode for a lack of men who are willing to stand up and be counted. A lack of men willing to sacrifice for those that is coming after them. We are seeing males who are pretending to be men who have no problem killing our babies, but can’t be counted on to raise them. Our community is crying out for men, real men and ReEngage is in the business of raising them up. You see it is one thing to sit in a cozy office or in a nice home and criticize, but it is quite another to go out and become involved in the change you are advocating. If you have had enough of the excuses, the lies, and the propaganda then please join us in changing our community 10 men at a time.

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