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Jim Nichols – The Dalmark Group

As a program partner, ReEngage provides construction labor staffing services, making available on-demand temporary workers who are Section3 certified. As important to Dalmark and its contractor, ReEngage is the actual employer of these laborers, handling its own employee screening, drug and medical testing, assuming all payroll responsibilities for its staff, as well as Prevailing Wage Certification, liability insurance, withholdings, etc.

Based on how well ReEngage’s services are working, we now plan to make this an on-going feature of many of our development projects. ReEngage, Inc, led by its Executive Director Rodney Knott, has been a tremendous resource – allowing Dalmark to focus more of its time and energy on its own core mission – creating high-quality and profitable developments.

We are glad to have ReEngage involved in our projects, and we are sure you will too!

Jim Nichols
The Dalmark Group

ReEngage Staffing Services is the new employment division of ReEngage, Inc. ReEngage Staffing Services provides our customers with qualified, motivated, and dependable people to meet their long-term or short-term staffing needs.


If you have staffing needs please contact us at 816.931.4751 x112 or by email at info@reengageinc.org.

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Unfortunately, because ReEngage Staffing Services is a division of a 501(c)3 not for profit we can only place persons who are currently enrolled in our program and training. We provide the Man Class© as the basis for all of our training which means we only work with males. If you would like to participate in our training program, please call 816.931.4751 x112 to check on our next training cycle and how you might participate.


Parker Young – Straub Construction Co.

As one of our contractors, ReEngage provides our project with laborers who are Section 3 certified; who are reliable and productive, in such a way that significantly simplifies the process for Straub Construction Co., Inc. ReEngage is uniquely qualified to provide construction staffing services specifically focused on enhancing contractor’s compliance with Section 3 standards.

We feel strongly that this approach, relying on ReEngage’s unique program that strengthens workforce readiness – recently highlighted in the award-winning documentary, “We Are Superman “ – is one that makes good business sense for contractors on any project, but especially for publically funded projects. Based on our initial experience, Straub Construction Co., has now begun to utilize ReEngage in several other projects. We are pleased to recommend ReEngage, Inc. to other contractors, who want to meet their Section 3 in a way that reflects well on all parties.

Parker Young
Straub Construction Co.

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