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Carlton graduated from The Man Class© in 2015. After his training we located him a technical position that met his qualifications, but he needed an opportunity. While we do not guarantee employment we give our trainees with an opportunity for employment. After an interview and a test he received an offer for a position. Thanks to his new employer who happened to be a Christian and a believer in second chances. Impressed by his work ethic and his tenacity his new employer allowed him to keep a service vehicle at his home. Shortly after starting his new position he went unaccompanied on jobs because he completed his work professionally and on-time. His employer said he had never had a new employee work out this well in this short amount of time.

Part of our program involves mentors for our men and we located a gentleman to give him with guidance. While an odd combination they related to each other and built a bond of trust. It is important for us to find individuals we can trust and want us to reach our best. None of us succeed on our own. With the help of his mentor he could find a place to live close to his job. Carlton and his mentor developed a friendship besides their mentoring relationship. Unfortunately too many people rely on their peers for advice and decision-making. Those peers have less wisdom and knowledge than those they are trying to give advice. A case of the blind leading the blind. I am a big believer in the power of mentoring and the impact the people we surround ourselves with have on our lives. When we surround ourselves with negative or destructive people, they can have a devastating effect on our lives.

The greatest result of the change in Carlton’s life was he could reconnect to his daughter and his grandchildren. Now free of his addiction he could give her with the support she needed. He could spend time with his grandchildren and teach them some difficult life lessons. The grandfather they had never met was now in their lives. I don’t think we appreciate how our lives impact the lives of those of other people. We are all connected and our lives are intertwined. Carlton was most proud of his improved relationship to his family. It is that improvement I hope will keep him on the positive path he is traveling. None of us are immune to falling. The key is will we get back up and continue the fight.

Because of people like you we will continue to make a difference in young men’s lives. Please consider making a donation today to ReEngage for us to continue our work.

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