Rahsan Man Class Graduate

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Rahsan graduated from The Man Class© Bancroft Project cycle 2. Rahsan is continuing to use the tools and principles he learned from the training.

“Before I came to the Man Class© I was very unhappy with my life circumstances because I was unemployed. I often blamed others (society) for my situation and lack of employment. I would self-medicate with drugs and alcohol on a regular basis to escape the reality I was living in. I thought being a man was just being a financial provider for my kids, just providing a roof over their heads, food, and clothing.”

“Since attending the Man Class©, I realized that I was acting as a male with some man tendencies. I found that I like to teeter back and forth from being a male and a man. I also realized that I needed to change my appearance and find someone to mentor me. Because of the class I have been able to identify my anger type so I now have a better understanding of how to manage it and I have been able to identify my personality type so I now have a better understanding of how I view myself and how others view me. I now feel like I have the tools that were missing and that I need for success, so long as I use them.” – Rahsan

Your generous donation will allow us to continue to work with young men like Rahsan to change their lives. It will help these young men to receive the training they need to become responsible men and began to take care of their families and themselves.

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