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ReEngage’s mission is to transform males into men through education, empowerment, and employment. Unfortunately, due to the breakdown of the family too many of today’s young men are living as males, instead of as responsible men. Many of them want to be responsible men, but they did not receive the training as boys. Women love their children, especially their boys, but no matter how much a mother loves her son she can never teach him what it is to live as a man. She can tell him what she likes about men and what she doesn’t, but she can never tell him what it is to live one day as a man.

Which is why our mission is so important. The Man Class© curriculum has proven successful in providing young men the tools to be more responsible as men and more successful at getting and keeping employment. The SUPERMAN principles are the backbone of the ReEngage program. These eight spiritual principles are helping these young men recognize their unique talents and gifts and how important it is to use them.

ReEngage believes we are all unique gifts endowed by God with special talents and abilities and sent to this world to make it a better place. Our goal is to help our participants find and sharpen those special gifts and talents and encourage them to use those gifts and talents for the betterment of their families and communities. It is time for all of our community institutions to come together and address the breakdown of the family. We should reintegrate the children back into the family structure and instead of focusing on the defense of children we should focus on the defense of the family.

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Please check out our ReEngage promo video to get an inside glimpse into what we do and how we do it.

Our Work

Our mission is to transform males into men through education, empowerment, and employment.



Our curriculum The Man Class is the educational component of our training. This curriculum was created by ReEngage Founder/Executive Director Rodney Knott with oversight by Lynette Sparkman-Barnes, Psy.D. of the University of Missouri at Kansas City and other professionals.



We empower our men through our support group meetings. This is an opportunity for the men to address issues which may be preventing them from moving forward.



Following our training the final component is employment which allows the men to become responsible. We can teach responsible manhood training, but without an opportunity we will not be successful.









What We Believe

Here are some of our core beliefs which guide our organization and our interactions with our men. There is an epidemic of fatherlessness in our communities and if we don’t begin to address it our children will continue to suffer. We can no longer as a community to continue to nothing while we lose generation after generation.

  • We believe everyone is created in the image of God.
  • We believe in the sanctity of the family.
  • Restoring families will restore our communities.
  • The definition of manhood has been perverted.
  • We believe in the three P’s: protect, provide, and praise.
  • All children deserve the love and support of both parents.
  • We believe in the SUPERMAN Principles.
  • We believe no one should love our children more than we do.
  • Children are part of an ecosystem.
  • Parental involvement is the most important factor in a child's success.
  • Collaboration, the challenges are too great to be solved by one person or group.

Our Current Projects

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