Bancroft Landscaping Project

On Saturday October 26th some of the men of ReEngage participated in the landscaping project for the Bancroft School Apartments along with some of our partners The Make It Right Foundation, NHS, and The Dalmark Group. We were part of large group of volunteers who came out to help complete the landscaping of the complex including tree planting, sod laying, and rain garden creating. It was really awesome to see so many people come out to support such a great project from all parts of the city and country. You won’t see these folks on the podium at the ribbon cutting, but it is efforts like this that helped to bring this project to the Manheim Park neighborhood.

ReEngage Staffing would like to thank our corporate and community partners that provide opportunities some of our men to work at the Bancroft and other projects throughout the city. Thank you Dalmark Group, Straub Construction, Make It Right, and NHS for your support of ReEngage Staffing and the men we employ. My hope is that we can continue to employ these private/public projects to get more men stable and long-term employment as we seek to reengage them back into their families and communities. For just a mere $1,000.00 a man we can take a disengaged and unemployed man and train him and get him reengaged back into his family, his community, and a tax paying member of society. Of the 18 men we trained so far this year in Kansas City, 12 are currently employed full-time and working to make their communities better. We believe that is a small price to pay for changing not just one man’s life, but the life of an entire community.

Please take the time right now to support our efforts by making a tax-deductible donation to ReEngage, Inc. Also, if you are an employer who has wanted to participate in hiring disadvantaged workers but were afraid of the risks associated with doing it, please contact us and let us show you how we have been able to mitigate that risk and allow our partners to focus on their business.