Train the Trainer Sessions

Photo of founder Rodney Knott
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ReEngage also offers train the trainer sessions for those organizations who want to receive a more comprehensive understanding of the Man Class© curriculum and its foundations. These sessions offer a personal hands-on approach from founder and creator Rodney Knott. Mr. Knott will lead the sessions through discussions of the history of the curriculum, the goals, and the challenges facing those implementing the program. He will provide a step by step instruction into each chapter’s unique structure and how each chapter builds on the previous chapter. Also, included will be the importance of enlisting the support of local businesses to provide the new graduates with employment opportunities, to partner with local organizations to help recruit mentors and to provide volunteer opportunities for the men.

These sessions are available in person (scheduling permitting) or electronically. Either way, these sessions will help your organization provide better training and better outcomes for your participants. The electronic version of this training is available in our products section here. The training can be purchased in 40-minute sessions for groups or individuals and for multiple subjects. Please contact ReEngage here for more information or to discuss these opportunities. Thank you for your support.

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