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We believe absentee fathers have become an American epidemic that reaches across racial, economic, and ethnic lines. We have irrefutable evidence most of the social problems in the black community stems from this phenomenon. As we become a nation of more illegitimate births, separations, and divorces more and more of our children will face the real possibility of growing up without the financial, spiritual, and emotional guidance of their fathers and this we must not allow to happen. We believe white guilt cannot replace black responsibility for our problems. We believe parental engagement is the biggest determinant of child success.

The evidence is clear that children being raised by single mothers are not doing as well as children raised by both parents. Here are just a few examples of the horrific results for fatherless children.

  • Children from fatherless homes are five times more likely to be poor, and ten times more likely to be extremely poor.
  • Seventy percent of juveniles in reform school and long-term prison inmates come from fatherless homes.
  • Children from fatherless homes are twice as likely to be high school dropouts.
  • Fatherless children have more emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Girls from fatherless homes are three times as likely to be unwed teenage mothers. Adolescents in mother-only families are more likely to be sexually active, and daughters are more likely to become single-parent mothers.
  • Boys from fatherless homes have a higher incidence of unemployment, incarceration, and noninvolvement with their own children.
  • Seventy-one percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.
  • Seventy-five percent of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes.

We believe it takes a man, to teach a boy, how to be a man. We also believe due to the lack of male presence in the home, the definition of manhood in our community has been perverted. The current definition of manhood is killing our young men and robbing our communities of their talents, their involvement, and their dreams. Our communities suffer because we are missing what men do in communities. What men in communities do as we teach are primarily 3 things or the 3 P’s.

  • Men protect who they love.
  • Men provide for who they love.
  • Men praise who they love.

Too many men in our community are missing in action. We must begin to reestablish and reappraise the role of fathers in the family structure. We must begin to reestablish and encourage the belief in marriage in the black community not purely for religious reasons, but for social and economic reasons as well. We cannot truly discuss the fatherless child without including a discussion on the state of marriage in the black community. We believe as we begin to heal the relationships between the father and their children we must also begin to heal the relationship between the male and female in the black community. One of the main goals of ReEngage is to treat the family holistically and not as 3 separate entities.

What does it mean to treat the family holistically?  It means that we support the whole family beginning with the father. We should do all we can to restore the man to an integral part of the lives of their children. If we want better outcomes for our children then we must provide an opportunity for their parents to provide stable homes in which they can thrive in. We believe children are part of an ecosystem children are not separate entities, they do not drive their own cars, they do not own their own homes, and do not provide their own food. Efforts that seek to provide for the needs of children without providing opportunities for their parents are destined to fail. No one would go to an oil spill rescue the fish and birds, clean them up and then return them back into the oil spill. Cleaning up the toxic ecosystem is paramount to their survival, just as for the children.

We believe all children deserve and require a loving and caring relationship with their fathers, will you help us to make that day a reality for them. Through your generous donations, we can continue to help current fathers and boys to become responsible men and men who provide for their children.

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