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Show your support for our ministry by becoming a monthly ministry partner. As a monthly ministry partner, you will provide monthly support to allow us to continue to provide our spiritual training to those in need.  There are thousands of young men and boys who need to learn the principles of becoming responsible men using the SUPERMAN principles. These principles are proving successful in taking disengaged and lost men and changing them into responsible fathers, employees, and men. With your help, we can provide this same training to young men and boys to prevent them from becoming a burden on our society in the first place. We believe as Fredrick Douglass espoused, “It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men.”

Due to the epidemic of fatherlessness gripping our society, too many boys are not getting the training a father provides and they are suffering. Our prisons are full of men who missed out on those lessons as boys and are now paying the price. It is cheaper to train them than to warehouse them in prison. It cost an average of $22,187 a year to house an inmate in the state of Missouri where they will learn to become a better criminal, not a better citizen. If we do not begin to address the needs of these young men we will continue to lose generation after generation of children. We as a society are also paying the price in lost talent, high prison costs, and generational poverty. We cannot continue to ignore this epidemic because the challenge is so great. In fact, it is because the challenge is so great that we have to act. God’s commission for us is not to do small things but to tackle the big things. Because when we choose to tackle big things we allow His power and mercy to be seen by all.

Will you take this opportunity to allow God to work in your life by becoming a monthly ministry partner with ReEngage? This challenge is to individuals, churches, and companies to join in and share with us this commission of God to provide for those in need. With your generous donation, we will be able to provide the training to help them become self-sustaining members of our society. The young men we work with are not looking for a handout, they are looking for a hand up. With your monthly gift of $50, $100, or $200 we can help to provide them with a ladder which leads to success, not just for them and their families but for all of us. Thanks to your generosity God’s work in these communities can continue to reach those who are lost and believe God has abandoned them. Become an example to us of a true servant spirit, esteeming others more than yourself, and putting Kingdom priorities ahead of your own! Thank you.


Rodney Knott
Founder/Executive Director
ReEngage, Inc.

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