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What is a man? When I was younger I use to think that being a man meant staying out all night drinking, chasing women, and not being responsible to anyone for anything. What I thought was being a man was really being a fool. What I have since learned is that a man is willing to get up every morning to drag himself to work at a job he may or may not like to take care of his family. A man is willing to sacrifice his own desires for the good of his family and his children. Character is not what you do when people are watching, but what you do when no one is watching. It took me many years and two failed marriages to learn what I should have learned as a child. You see character is learned as a child.

What are fatherless children learning? What many of them have learned over the last few decades is that men do not finish school. get jobs, take care of their children, or obey the law. As a society we should begin to develop programs beginning in early childhood to teach young boys the character necessary to grow up to become responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens. We should develop programs to re-educate our young men through a reintroduction of their fathers or some other male mentor to guide them through the obstacles and pitfalls of adolescence that many of them are ill-equipped to handle. We should also develop programs for our adult men with a focus on character and self-esteem building through reconnecting with their children. We believe that a man’s self-esteem is gained not only by his occupation or his salary but also by his ability to care for his family.

We want to provide the opportunity for men who may have missed out on the chance to provide guidance and experience to their children to have another chance. By taking part in our character building program and displaying character in everyday settings our clients will be better prepared to impart these traits to their children.

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