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Parker Young, Straub Construction Jim Nichols, The Dalmark Group, Rodney Knott, ReEngage,Inc.

Parker Young, Straub Construction Jim Nichols, The Dalmark Group, Rodney Knott, ReEngage,Inc.

A Real Section 3 Solution

Are you having headaches with Section 3 workforce requirements or goals for construction projects that have public funding? Are you declining public/private contracts due to concerns about Section 3? ReEngage Staffing Services offers a solution that fundamentally simplifies the Section3 process…allowing contractors to focus on what they do best…construction!


ReEngage, Inc., was originally approached by two Kansas City firms – The Dalmark Group, a major multi-family housing developer and Straub Construction Company, one of the regions most respected contractors – to create a partnership to assist them with their Section 3 efforts. Having supported the vision and witnessed the success of the Man Class©, they also saw an opportunity to meet their mandated Section 3 employee requirements with more reliable individuals, better prepared to succeed long-term.


An increasing number of public construction contracts, as well as publicly assisted private developments require implementation plans for the section 3 construction workforce, setting forth how developers/contractors intend to meet the section 3 labor goals. Our clients have used ReEngage Staffing Services as a consultant in developing their Section 3 implementation plans and also as their staffing company. This provides additional assurances to the governmental enforcement entities that the applicable goals will be met. This approach has been viewed favorably and is recommended by the Missouri Housing Development Commission.

ReEngage Staffing Services provides clients with Section 3 employees at an hourly rate. Assigned workers remain employees of ReEngage Staffing Services, which retains all employment related responsibilities, such as payroll and worker’s compensation insurance. This arrangement provides an important value to our clients – its flexibility – if not satisfied with a particular worker, we will address any issue and provide a prompt resolution or, if needed, a replacement. Our employees are available for assignments ranging from a matter of days to a matter of months.  In this often challenging aspect of the construction industry, ReEngage Staffing Services is committed to providing reliable, hardworking construction staff who meets your Section 3 requirements – minimizing the frustration often confronted, including the troublesome turnover often associated with Section 3 employees.

Importantly, if a contractor client wishes, the client may permanently employ a ReEngage employee. This is our vision for ReEngage Staffing helping our employees create a long-lasting foundation on which to rebuild their families, communities and financial lives.

Advantages of ReEngage Staffing Services:

ReEngage Screening & Training – The core component is The Man Class©; but the entire series of tests and certifications (Section 3 eligibility, drug and physical ability tests, OSHA 10, HAZ-MAT) is provided and documented.

ReEngage is the Employer – ReEngage relieves developers and contractors of all other employer management tasks. We are responsible for:

  •       Weekly payroll checks and accounting (3rd party payroll firm)
  •       Required payroll withholdings (FICA, Medicare, Federal & State unemployment, Local income taxes)
  •       Insurance: General liability and worker’s compensation

Prevailing Wage Certified Payroll – ReEngage completes and certifies all required agency payroll forms.

Weekly Support Meetings – Trainees who go into the staffing service company are encouraged to attend weekly evening meetings following the training period to support continued reliability.

No Risk Evaluation of Potential Employees – Particularly impressed with the reliability and productivity of one or more of our workers? – Want to hire them permanently for your firm?

                                                 Great …That’s a win/win/win

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